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Where are you based out of? Do you travel?
We started our business in Miami, but we are currently based out of Orlando, FL. We work with performers all across Florida. We perform and travel from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to Orlando to Jacksonville. We also travel world-wide!

Do you have performer’s insurance? Yes, of course! Our performers are insured under a $2,000,000 Policy with Specialty Insurance Agency. ALL professional performers SHOULD be insured, as it is the industry standard. When performing with fire, we also bring a trained fire safety technician, to ensure the spectators, performer(s) & property are out of harms way.

Do you have public performances? Yes, we do. We promote our public performances on our social media platforms! Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook!

How long are your performances?
It varies. It depends on the type of performance, type of event, set budget for entertainment, number of performers, etc. Most of the time, we are able to be flexible and give the client a couple different options.

What determines entertainment rates? There are a bunch of factors that come into play when determining entertainment rates. These factors include, but are not limited to: costuming, equipment/gear, depreciation, skills, practice, website, marketing, choreography, make-up, pre-planning, risk/danger, booking/management, travel, type of event, performance time, etc.

What type of events do you perform at? We perform at all types of events. Some examples are private parties, corporate events, weddings, religious events, festivals, restaurant events, holiday events, children’s events/ family friendly events, adult only events, etc. We have a variety of entertainment options that would be an excellent addition to any occasion!

Can you costume to fit any theme?
Yes! We have a variety of options to choose from and we will costume to fit absolutely ANY theme! Depending on how customized you want the costuming, extra charges may apply.

How do I pay? Do you require a deposit?
A deposit is required to hold your date. The remaining balance is due the date of the event, unless otherwise discussed. Your deposit can be paid via Credit Card, PayPal (electronically), or Check. The remaining balance can be paid via Cash, Card, PayPal, check, other electronic methods, etc. All PayPal and Credit Card payments will include a 3% processing fee.

When is the best time to book entertainment? It’s never too early to book entertainment for your event. As soon as you know your event details, let us know and we will have an event coordinator ready to serve you.

Do you have interactive entertainment options?
Yes! We have interactive roving acts and stage shows available. We can also make sure our acts are less interactive, if that’s what you prefer. Some acts are also more interactive than others. Our acts are tailored to synchronize with your special event. We will give you more details once we know which acts you would like to book.

Do you accept tips?
Yes! Gratuity is greatly appreciated, but it is not required.

Have any other questions? We would be happy to answer! Feel free to call/text us at (407)-900-3285 or send us an email to Thanks!